Popular fabric for spring and summer: Can you name all of them?

Fabrics have many names, such as weaving method and processing method.

There are some fabrics that are difficult to understand just by hearing their names.

Do you know all of the popular fabrics for spring and summer?

When it comes to SS collection, Cotton, linen, and rayon are probably the three most recommended materials.


Highly absorbent and breathable, it is widely used for T-shirts, shirts, blouses, and pants.


Linen has a crisp and firm texture that absorbs sweat and is breathable, making it ideal for summer items. Linen is also strong, so it can be used not only for clothing but also for bags.


It has a smooth texture with a sense of fall, and feels cool to the touch.

It is also highly absorbent, so it is a recommended material for blouse dresses and loungewear.

These are natural and recycled fibers, but in recent years, many polyester fabrics with water-absorbing, quick-drying and cooling functions have been developed. While natural fibers have their advantages, there are many choices of synthetic fibers in terms of added value in terms of functionality.

But there are more than just these 3 basics fabrics. How about others? Can you distinguish all of them? How are they called in Japanese? Let’s find out togher!

Lawn (ローン)

Lawn is a thin, slightly transparent plain weave fabric that is perfect for blouses and shirts in spring and summer. The use of fine 60-100 count yarns produces a thin, delicate fabric with an elegant sheen.

The name “Lawn” comes from a thin hemp fabric originating from the French town of Lawn. The texture of this fabric was recreated in cotton, and is now called Lawn.

Materials used include cotton, cotton-polyester blends, and linen.

12383 Cotton Linen Slub Lawn

Slub yarn is used to give the surface an uneven nuance, and linen is also used, making this fabric perfect for spring and summer.

It is full of sheerness and will be good for blouses.


Post time: Jun-14-2022